Didyma Excavations


Didyma Excavations

In 1858 the first excavations were made in Didyma by the English under the direction of Newton. The excavated area was the Sacred Road.

The excavations in the temple were first begun in 1872 by the French under O Rayet and A Thomas. The aim was to find Apollo’s cult statue, the work lasted two years and at the end of it, the cult could not been found. But it had been possible to determine the dimensions of the temple and reconstruct the plan.

Between 1895-1896, in the excavations which was undertaken by the French, the work supervised by B Haussoullier an E. Pontremoli, was. They concentrated on the northern part of the temple. The excavations did not take long because of the economic reasons. The excavations in 1905 for the museums in Berlin continued until the year 1937. During this excavations great part of the temple was revealed.

In 1962, the German Institute of Archaeology under the supervision of R Naumann the excavations were begun again. Work is at present still going on in the area with special attention to research on the Sacred Road.